Distal GSA Italia

General Sales Agent (GSA)

Distal GSA Italia was born in the 1987 from the merger of Distal and International Tourist Representative ITR , the biggest player in the Italian market, with the sole purpose of servicing airlines and other organization active in the tourism field, by integrating all the services offered by a General Sales Agent in the territory of Italy.

Distal GSA Italia as a true GSA servicing online and off-line airlines provides full commercial, administrative and representation support in Italy and some neighbouring markets.

Distal GSA Italia has NO agency-related activity (passenger or cargo) nor has the company any affiliation with such agencies. This allows Distal GSA Italia to sustain a neutral position in the vast IATA and non-IATA agents market and to achieve equal product placement, distribution and effective penetration for the client airline.

The company’s commitment to the trade, as well as the professionalism of its organization, has made of Distal GSA Italia one of the most recognized airline servicing companies present in Italy.

The group’s human resources consist of more than 80 staff, which have extensive experience in the airline business, are market-oriented, and trained to perform specialized tasks as well.

Serving many primary Airlines, we have a deep experience in many markets worldwide and very good relationships with public and private Italian authorities to support any issue.

Cargo services

We provide to carry out all the necessary tasks

Sales & Marketing
• Targeted sales strategy covering the whole territory
• Specific analysis of the market, statistics, compilation of airline reports
• Regular sales and promotion activity to increase market share and Airlines brand awareness

Operations & Customer Service
• Team of professional staff skilled to successfully provide the best performance
• Reservations, tracking and tracing services
• Handling and supervision of special cargo with certified staff both FCO and MXP airport.

Handling & Trucking
• Excellent relationships with local handlers & trucking companies
• Provision of loading instructions to GHA and supervision of ULD build-up
• ULD stock control if requested.
• Ramp services

Finance & IT
• Own Company System for invoicing and Sales Reports
• Check,control and distribution of AWB stocks
• Issue of financial reports to the airline on a monthly basis
• Cass control, upload and adjustments through CassLink
• Tracing and Claim follow up
• Skilled to operate on airline Systems like CorgoSpot and SkyChain

Marketing & Social Media

We provide to carried on all the  appropriate promotion and publicity actions on behalf of the airline client:

✓ Marketing analysis and researches using all data available in BSP, BOSS, E-SMASH.

✓ Recurring announcements to all local authorities and organizations (including Embassies, Consulates, Chamber of Commerce, Civil Aviation Authority, etc.)

✓ Press releases to the trade media including the client airline’s news, showing the services available through DISTAL & ITR GROUP and including full contact information (dedicated phone lines, fax & email address).

✓ Web Presentation through the group and Airlines websites or, if required, via a dedicated website.

✓ SEO and SEM activities to develop brand awareness and sales through major social media such as Facebook, Instagram, Youtube, Twitter, etc.

✓ Introduction in all relevant travel trade directories.

✓ Direct Mailings (letters, multi-email, etc.) to the entire network of agencies and tour operators throughout the country.

✓ Presentation of the carrier and its product in all major trade fairs and events.

✓ PR activities as continuous job to be done in order to increase the brand awareness of the Airlines and keep very high attention on the Airlines at B2B and B2C level.

✓ Participation in all the main Italian Trade Fairs and road-show

  • BIT Milan, is the Italian International Fair
  • BMT Naples, very important for TA and Italian southern market
  • TTG INCONTRI Rimini, very important for TA/TO

Accurate reports are regularly produced by the GSA and additional reports could be produced according to the guidelines of the Airlines represented.